About Tuzen® and Why It Is Different

Three different clinical studies have confirmed that Tuzen is an effective way to treat irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. The research has demonstrated that Tuzen can:

Tuzen Pack
  • Increases the population of "good" bacteria (Lp229v)
  • Increases the concentration of carboxylic acids, an important energy source for the cells of the intestinal mucosa
  • Inhibits the adhesion of a "bad" bacteria (Enterobacteria) on the intestinal mucosa
  • Inhibits the growth of potential pathogenic agents (antibacterial activity)
Additional relief may also be a result of Tuzen's proven effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory.


You Can Expect Relief With Tuzen

Other IBS treatments such as: prescriptions, over-the-counter products and yogurts with probiotics treat only one IBS symptom. Tuzen, in contrast, has been shown IBS studies to treat all symptoms related to IBS. That means almost anyone can expect to get IBS pain relief from using Tuzen. Only someone who has had IBS symptoms – perhaps for most of their lives – can know how much that means. Yet that relief comes at a remarkably low cost, roughly equal to the price of a regular coffee.


Why Tuzen

No other IBS treatments are backed with as much research as Tuzen.

It has been tested and approved

It is easy to take (no preparation required

You can buy it off the shelf at most pharmacies and natural health food retailers.